Music - MP3 download: Bandonion-Concert 1/ 2 with Karl Oriwohl

Here are offered recordings of concert pieces played by Karl Oriwohl himself, on a unisonoric Kusserow bandonion. The purchase of these CDs monetarily supports this website. The recordings were made in 1972-79, and show the potential of the bandonion as an instrument capable of playing in the classical genre. MP3-download two parts: 18 Euro; one part: 10 Euro
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Bandonion-School from Bernd Machus for unisonoric system Kusserow

(German, English, Spanish)
For beginner without prior knowledge

Available at:;   Presentation of the instrument on youtube

Literary References

"Entwicklung einer Instrumentenfamilie: Der Standardisierungsproze des Akkordeons"

by Hans-Peter Graf, German, (Development of an instrument family: standardization of the accordion;  "Accordion" here includes bandonion, concertina, etc.)
Supported by extensive source material, this book parallels the process of standardization of the instrument, in the context of the ongoing industrialization of Germany, with the process of cultural self-identification. It illustrates the complex interactions between instrument manufacture, musical practice and the underlying economic and cultural conditions. (482 pp.)
Printed by Peter Lang (74.40 Euro)

"Das Bandonion - Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Musikinstrumente mit durchschlagenden Zungen"

By Karl Oriwohl, self-published, German (The bandonion - a contribution to the history of free-reed instruments) An extensive compilation of information about the bandonion, built around some 150 illustrations of the various keyboard layouts. Here, under one cover, you can follow the temporal succession and evolution of these layouts. 175 photographs bring the instruments and their players to life. (430 pp.)
Printed by Ralf Jung (39 Euro).

"Bandonion und Konzertina, Ein Beitrag zur Darstellung des Instrumententyps"

by Maria Dunkel, German, (Bandonion and concertina, a contribution to the description of the instrument) in the series: "Berliner musikwissenschaftliche Arbeiten" No.30.
A detailed and well-referenced work to the most influential keyboard systems. The author worked through a mound of patents and presents in some 170 pages the results of her comparisons. A large part of the text is dedicated to the explanation of the manufacturing process from the reed plates to the packaging. Relevant patents and technical papers are listed and explained. Whoever wants to know how a bandonion works and is/was constructed will find the answers here. (176 pp.)
Published by Musikverlag Katzbichler (1987); purchase in bookstores, limited availability (approx. 30 Euro).

"Beitrag zu einer Soziologie der Handharmonikainstrumente"

by Aaron Eckstaedt (1991) (A contribution to the sociology of the concertina family of instruments, in German)
The social influences and reciprocal effects of the concertina (in its many forms) are examined: who actually played these instruments, and what were the causes and/or circumstances around their varied history ?
Free PDF   (