Rheinisch system by Zimmermann, Band, 60 tones (bisonoric)

(Collection Oriwohl, Nr. 339) Audio (only demo, no art)

Manufacture: circa 1850 (H: 15,5cm D: 17,5cm)
Lead reedplates with nickel silver reeds and brass replacement reeds; (1,35 kg)

Heinrich Band ran one of the largest music shops and distributors far beyond Krefeld. He was not a producer like Zimmermann or Uhlig, but a dealer. He bought instruments from manufacturers or commissioned them from them.

He did not advertise Konzertinas for sale with Uhlig's name Concertina, which had been in use for 20 years, but until around 1855 as Accordions, although these instruments had no chords.

Afterwards he adopted the name Bandonion for business differentiation.