Rheinisches System, 64 tones (bisonoric)

(Collection Oriwohl, Nr. 60)

Manufacture: unknown, Zinc reedplates with brass tongues
Range: G - cis3 (overlapping, le: G - a1, ri: e1-cis3)

The instrument is tuned in Bb major, which differs from the standard model. The first concert intonation manuals were optimised for the preferred cross keys of the time (G, D, A and E major), so that they were easier to finger than B-flat keys such as Bb, Eb, Ab. On request, instruments were therefore tuned differently (transposed) in order to shift the tones from more difficult keys to more comfortable fingerings.

The previous 60-tones bandonion type has received 2 additional keys with 4 tones from Heinrich Band.