Hugo Stark, Bandonion- und Konzertina-Fabrik
by (today in) Klingethal in Saxony
Patent: D.R.P. 337361 from 1921

(No part of Collection Oriwohl)

The logical keyboard system developed by Hugo Stark for his Chromatiphon (previous) could not be realised with the conventional control mechanisms.

With 74 notes (=37 keys), the instrument on the right has no more than the 142-tones Tango bandonion with 76 notes (=38 keys). But with the additional 18 key buttons of the 2 auxiliary rows of the Chromatiphon, 55 key buttons have to be placed on the right control mechanism - 17 (=45%) more than on the Tango bandonion.

A mechanism was searching as simple as possible to manufacture, install and fine adjustment.