Patent Harmonika

System: Piano and Hintermeyer, (unisonoric, logical)

(Collection Oriwohl, Nr. B-78)

Patent Harmonika (single ton instrument) 1935
(Choir allocation left: 8'+8°+16'+16° / right: 8'+8°+16')
Single ton system left: Willy Hintermeyer,
Patent from 23 March 1934

Willy Hintermeyer was born on 4 August 1915 in Rosenheim. At the age of 19, he applied for a patent for his Patent Harmonika. He dispensed with ready chords for his instrument and equipped the left side with a single-tone manual with a larger range.

From a functional point of view, it is actually no more an accordion, because its essential feature, the ready chords, is missing.