American Chemnitzer Concertina

Chemnitzer- and Rheinisches System, 104 tones (bisonoric)

(Collection Oriwohl, Nr. 269)

Manufacture: Alfred Arnold (Carlsfeld in Saxony) 1940
(H: 25cm, T: 30cm, 6,5 kg); 3-choirs with one register

This bisonoric instrument is exemplary for the various attempts to optimise concertina and bandonion systems. On the right, the manual of a Konzertina and that of a bandonion on the left (each with a slight modification) to form a new model.

The name American refers to the state of Minnesota in the USA and neighbouring areas in Canada, where it was taken by Bohemian emigrants. It is still a popular part of musical life there, for example in the town New Prague. But it is also an integral part of the musical tradition in the polka stronghold of Chicago.