System: Schlegel (unisonoric)

(Collection Oriwohl, Nr. 110)

Manufacture: Co. Ernst Louis Arnold (ELA), around 1953
Keyboard system: Heinz Schlegel (Leipzig), around 1953

In the former Bandonion stronghold of Leipzig, individuals continued to work on the tone assignment of the instruments even in GDR times, as this system by Heinz Schlegel shows. In the October 1958 issue of Volksmusik (GDR) there is also a a discussion of a bandonion school written by Schlegel for his instruments.

Although the tone allocation of the instrument is unisonoric, the keyboard system is not logically organised. A combination with rarity value. There is no information on what playing advantages Heinz Schlegel associated with this combination. Maybe they can be found in old music magazines.